LAI Celebrates 90 Years

Lambda Alpha International was established as a professional fraternity at Northwestern University in 1930. The inspiration for the fraternity was Professor Richard T. Ely (1854-1943), a prominent progressive economist who is known as the Father of Land Economics.  
LAI moved beyond its fraternal structure to become an honorary land economics society in the broader Chicago real estate community through Ely Chapter.  

As certain members of LAI moved from Chicago, they helped to establish new chapters, the first being the New York Chapter (1949).  The Los Angeles Chapter (1955), George Washington Chapter (Washington DC, 1957) and Golden Gate Chapter (San Francisco, 1964) followed. 

The founding of the Simcoe Chapter (Toronto, 1964) marked the beginning of LAI’s international growth. Today, LAI operates through a network of 29 chapters in Canada, India, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
The tradition of “winnowing and sifting” of ideas has remained the hallmark of LAI through the 90 years since its founding. 

LAI 90th Anniversary Logos

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