Lambda Alpha International’s purpose, mission and operational activity is fundamentally achieved at the local Chapter level in meetings among professionals. LAI functions as a confederation of Chapters. The Presidents of each local Chapter are members of the LAI’s Board of Governors. 

The International Secretariat (International) plays a vital role in enabling the Chapters of Lambda Alpha to function together as an honorary society and serves as the unifying element of LAI. The Board of Governors, through its Executive Committee, sets the policy framework and manages the overall affairs of LAI. 

LAI’s Executive Director and management company provide administrative support to the Board of Governor’s, Executive Committee, Chapters and all LAI members.

Executive Committee

Chapter Presidents


LAI Staff

LAI Fellows

LAI Executive Committee

President Steven Gragg
First Vice President Robert McBride
Treasurer Sheila Harris
Secretary Cheryl Soon
Assistant Secretary Millard Lee
Scribe Alan Nevin
Assistant Scribe Vicki Estrada
Asia/Pacific Regional Vice President Ann Bouslog
Asia/Pacific Assistant Regional Vice President Anilkumar Hatkar
Central Regional Vice President Jordan Peters
Central Assistant Regional Vice President Ann King
East Regional Vice President Gary Leach
East Assistant Regional Vice President Joan Herron
Europe Regional Vice President Aurelio Ramírez Zarzosa
Europe Assistant Regional Vice President Hania Maraqa
West Regional Vice President Jim Musbach
West Assistant Regional Vice President Gregg Robinson
Historian Christine Williams
Assistant Historian Scott Burns
Co Chairs, Council of Presidents Ian Lord
Past President Tim Youmans