Lambda Alpha International Awards are presented on the schedule given below to honor nominees who have notably advanced the field of land economics through their achievements and service to their profession, community and chapter. Awards are presented during LAI’s annual Land Economics Gatherings. 

Schedule for Awards


Nominations due May 1st 

  • International Member of the Year Award 
  • International Skyline Award (if desired by the host Chapter)
  • International Urban Affairs/Public Official Award 

Nominations due May 1st

  • Richard T. Ely Distinguished Educator Award
  • International Member of the Year Award
  • International Journalist/Author Award
  • International Skyline Award (if desired by the host Chapter)


Please complete the nomination form (maximum 2 pages) for each nomination for each award. In the case of the Skyline Award, you may provide additional supporting material in the form of photos or maps via email to facilitate our distribution to the Awards Committee for their review. Please send nominations and any supporting material to

Nomination Form


LAI awards will be presented at LAI Land Economics Weekend.  Awardees will be notified in advance and invited to attend to receive their awards.


Categories of Awards

Awards are presented in the following categories:

International Member of the Year Award

This award is selected from Chapter nominations of Chapter Member of the Year honorees for the current or prior year by the International Awards Committee and will be based upon commitment to Lambda Alpha, to the nominee’s profession and to land economics with respect to achievement in the private or public sectors, research or education.

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International Public Official/Urban Affairs Award 

This award is presented either to a public official who, through his or her efforts—technical, managerial or other significant effort—has made a notable contribution to improving the quality of urban life or to a person who has made outstanding contributions to urban affairs and who has advanced the frontiers of knowledge via research and/or practice.

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International Journalism/Author Award

This award is presented either to a journalist or an author whose efforts have contributed to a greater understanding of the principles, practices and greater awareness of land economics. The journalism award is for a sustained, exemplary contribution to a national or regional body of work.  The author award is for an exemplary book length publication.

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Richard T. Ely Distinguished Educator Award

This award is presented to the person who has achieved excellence within the academic world in the field of land economics or one of its constituent disciplines.

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International Skyline Award

This award will recognize a project or policy identified by the host Gatherings Chapter and vetted by the International Awards Committee.  It is a discretionary award and will be presented at each Gathering only if the host chapter identifies a project, making their choice known to the International Awards Committee at least six weeks prior to the Gathering.  The Skyline Award is normally made to a project or policy and is usually presented to an agency, firm or institution.

The International Awards Committee will evaluate the nomination based on the following criteria:
Recognizing noteworthy and commendable instances of the practical application of the principles of land economics in the preservation, development or utilization of our land resources.

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International Fellow Award

An International Fellow is an active member whose efforts have significantly advanced the purposes, organization, or growth of LAMBDA ALPHA. The title of International Fellow is additive to any other category of membership except Honorary.  Only the International Board of Governors shall confer fellowship and no more than two fellowships shall be conferred in each calendar year.

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Gerald D. Hines International Humanitarian Award (This award has now been retired)

This award was presented to a person who has or had a vision for what his or her community could become in the future, and the ability to see what was needed to achieve that vision, then marshaled the resources and helped direct the activity to accomplish the goal, often working behind the scenes and out of the public’s attention. That person most likely also served as a mentor to other individuals who helped carry out the initial vision. (1998 - 2008)

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