Membership GAP Committee (2015-2016)

A Membership Gap Committee will be chaired by Steven Gragg to study and make recommendations addressing the gap in membership categories between LAISA student members and LAI full members.  Study and recommend approaches to address the LAI Strategic Plan recommendation to attract younger members to LAI and to build awareness of LAI so qualified professionals are nominated for membership to the Society.

Committee Documents

GAP Committee Meeting Minutes March 8, 2016

GAP Committee Meeting Minutes January 22, 2016

GAP Committee Report September 22, 2015

Board Minutes Creating the Membership GAP Committee

LAI Historical Membership Report

LAISA Chapters and Membership Total

LAI Chapters with Student Scholarship and/or Mentoring Programs

Phoenix PathFinders Membership Nomination Form

Phoenix PathFinders About Us Document

Phoenix PathFinders List of Programs

Phoenix PathFinders Membership Totals: 32

Phoenix PathFinders Business Plan