2019 Salons Moving Discussions: Equity, Economics and Experiences of Mobility

Ely - Chicago

Event details:

5:30pm CDT on Wednesday, May 15, 2019
8:30pm CDT on Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Multiple Locations
Chicago , IL
Registration for this event has closed.

We all have our direct experience with mobility – driving our car, sharing a ride, taking a train, riding a bike, walking. Our personal experience of mobility can move quickly to thinking about how we move as a society, and how mobility is easier, more accessible, or more affordable for some than others.

Join us for the 2019 LAI Ely Salon “Moving Discussions: Equity, Economics and Experiences of Mobility” where we will journey together exploring the changing landscape of mobility and challenging some of our deeply held beliefs about how we move. Sign up today! Space is limited and registration ends May 1.

Salon hosts will rev our engines with “Did You Know?” & “True or False” flashcards with provocative facts about mobility that are sure to spark trains of thought and spirited conversation. Participants will move their needles towards active transit by committing to taking one small step (or drive, bike, bus or train!) towards active transit in their lives and professionally. Collectively, we’ll make a larger leap for society.

By participating in the LAI Ely Salons, you will:

  • Engage with fellow LAI Ely members in intimate settings hosted at member homes
  • Enjoy a catered dinner, BYOB and the benefits of “breaking bread” with fellow members
  • Expand your conceptions about mobility, leaving more knowledgeable than when you arrived
  • Experience the heart of Salons by extending the gift of listening and intentional communication
  • Evolve our society’s understanding about mobility and move the needle towards active transit lifestyles

What is LAI’s version of a Salon?

At this Members Only event, your fellow LAI Ely Chapter members open their private homes in Chicago to provide a longer, more intense opportunity for members to “sift and winnow” the discussion topic. The goals are to hear out other’s opinions while getting to know one another on a professional level.

You will be given information on your salon location by Monday, May 13th. Dinner will be catered and you are welcome to bring the beverage of your choice to your host’s home.

Please note that refunds are not available for cancellations.