City of Minneapolis housing policy implications and outcomes as related to affordable housing


Event details:

12:00pm CDT on Tuesday, April 27, 2021
1:00pm CDT on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Free Zoom meeting. Advance registration required. 

This event is open to All LAI members globally.

A frank discussion of City of Minneapolis housing policy silver bullets, implications and outcomes as they relate to affordable housing. As an architect who was at the table for the 2040 process in Minneapolis, Alissa’s perspective will include: single-family zoning, density, minimum lot sizes and ADUs.

Speaker: Alissa D.Luepke Pier, AIA, Principal at A.D.L.Pier Design, Inc.

Alissa is a national award-winning architect and is the former Vice President of the Minneapolis
Planning Commission, where she decided on over 5,500 land use applications and weighed in
on key urban planning policy for over a decade. She is frequently a guest speaker at events
related to housing, land use policy, architecture and sustainability. A 20+ year resident of North
Minneapolis, she is particularly interested in the impacts and repercussions that planning policy and design can have on communities like hers.