Christmas Event & Dinner


Event details:

6:15pm CET on Thursday, December 14, 2017
9:30pm CET on Thursday, December 14, 2017
URRECHU Restaurant

Dear LAI-Member,

Next 14th December, you are invited to the Madrid chapter Christmas Event & Dinner. A guided tour to the brand new football stadium WANDA METROPOLITANO – Atletico de Madrid, by Antonio Cruz from “CRUZ Y ORTIZ Arch.” The designers of the facility. It will be followed by our Christmas dinner at URRECHU Restaurant (Velazquez 150) in downtown Madrid, were we will have the opportunity to congratulate and indulge us on a fine Christmas dinner. Is open for member’s wives or invitees. Please see the details below.

If you are in town or want to come, please contact me,  . Registrations to visit the stadium are requested to be made with limit date the 5th December (stadium security requires visitors list 10 days in advance).

Best Regards / Atentamente / التحيات أطيب مع

Aurelio Ramírez Zarzosa,