COVID-19, Is it safety vs Property Rights, Rights & Wrongs in the Governments Response

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Mark Miller
Senior Attorney
Pacific Legal Foundation

Covid-19, Is it safety vs Property Rights?
Rights and Wrongs in the Government’s Response to the Coronavirus.

Mark Miller,  Pacific Legal Foundation Senior Attorney, manages PLF’s Florida office. Pacific Legal Foundation is the nation’s leading non-profit law firm litigating on behalf of property owners against the government in defense of reasonable use of private property. CBS This Morning, Fox & Friends, The Wall Street Journal and NPR have all featured his work, and he appears regularly on SiriusXM Radio‘s daily Morning Briefing with Tim Farley show to discuss the news from the Supreme Court of the United States.

Mark has represented clients before local zoning boards and through every court level up to and including the Supreme Court of the United States. He served as co-counsel and second chair before the High Court in United States Army Corps of Engineers v. Hawkes Co., one of their recent Clean Water Act-related wins before the Court. He served as lead counsel for the landowners in Weyerhaeuser v. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, an 8-0 win for the property owners before the nation’s highest court in an important Endangered Species Act case.