How Important Are Schools to Your Project? Maximizing the Opportunities and Navigating the Challenges.

Orange County

Event details:

1:00pm PST on Wednesday, January 20, 2021
2:00pm PST on Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Zoom Event
This event is open to All LAI members globally.

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Are you in the business of entitling real estate projects? Or perhaps you serve clients who are? If so, schools can make or break your development project. We’re happy to announce that the President of JCJ Partners, Olga Bevz, will speak at a free Zoom event on Wednesday, January 20th. Olga will explain the importance of schools in the entitlement process and address the following topics:

  1. What do California and local school enrollment trends mean for your project?
  2. How are high-density housing trends changing school needs?
  3. What does it cost to build a school in 2021?
  4. Why are there 3 levels of school impact fees and which ones are applicable to your development?
  5. Will any of the recent lawsuits related to school fees affect your project?
  6. What impact, if any, will school closures and surplus school sites have on infill development opportunities?
  7. How can you leverage local education opportunities to market your projects?

Olga Bevz represents land developers and home builders, specializing in school facilities planning and school policy issues. Olga develops strategies and negotiates school mitigation agreements to ensure 21st century school facilities are delivered on time for new homeowners. She designs the methodologies for quantitative models and analyses to determine student generation rates, needs and costs projections, cash flows and development impact fees. She also analyzes statutory requirements for development projects and advises her clients on district organization, surplus property, developer fees, state funding programs and educational enrichment programs.

Olga has worked on schools for the Irvine Ranch, the Ranch at Mission Viejo and other large master plans and infill developments throughout California. She regularly works with the California Department of Education, Office of Public School Construction, Department of State Architect, city planning departments, school districts and non-profit organizations throughout California, monitoring education-related political issues and coordinating with Building Industry Association chapters to ensure school impact fees are fair, justifiable, and commensurate with home prices.

Olga holds a Certificate in Light Construction and Development Management from the UC Irvine Extension Program and the BIA Presidents Leadership Academy. After gaining 16 years of experience, she opened her own company, JCJ Partners, LLC, in 2018.