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9:00am MST on Tuesday, November 13, 2018
10:00am MST on Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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A City Planner’s Journey Around the World

Leslie S. Pollock, FAICP

Tuesday, November 13; 17:00 UTC (07:00 Honolulu, San Francisco 09:00, Chicago 11:00 Washington D.C 12:00, Madrid 18:00, Emirates 20:00, Mumbai 22:30, Tokyo 01:00 +1day)

LAI member Les Pollock journeyed around the world, from August thru November 2017. Come travel vicariously with him to visit portions of Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, Italy, Morocco, and France.  

Les followed the sun and traversed 23 cities, towns and villages, together with their adjacent countryside, by air, bus, rail, car, boat and foot.  Travelling mostly alone, he met many people, and shared overnight trains and intercity buses that required him to converse in broken Russian, German, French, smidgeons of other languages and English. 

In addition to his interest in circumnavigating the world, Les, an experienced urban planner, sought to understand the varied geographies, cultures and characteristics of the places he visited by focusing on the physical structure, local character and peoples of the places he visited.

Les’ presentation will offer lessons about the places visited, people he met and the challenges of solo travel. He will also offer pointers on how to go about travel planning, living out of a small carry-on suitcase weighing less than 15 pounds for four months, meeting local people enroute, and dealing with unexpected contingencies.

His PowerPoint offers observations and insights regarding each of the places visited including his almost month long experience of riding the Trans-Siberian railroad between Beijing and Moscow, and the places he visited enroute.