LAI Golden Gate Virtual Program: The Last Mile

Golden Gate - San Francisco

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12:00pm PDT on Tuesday, June 23, 2020
1:00pm PDT on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Free to all LAI members

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LAI Golden Gate Virtual Program: The Last Mile

For the last century, cities have been designed for people to walk, drive, bike, and bus to amenities. What happens when instead, those same amenities come to them? Groceries, fine dining, and just about anything Amazon can sell you, are now all available at your front doorstep in days, if not hours. While logistics and light industry have always been parts of the urban story, never in our history has there been such an immediacy and pervasiveness to their circumvention of traditional retail outlets and their impact on the urban fabric.

Please join our virtual Zoom panel to hear an engaging conversation from three leaders in this space. Mark Hansen is a Managing Director at Prologis, a global leader in logistics real estate. Stephen Maduli-Williams is a Manager of Economic Development Policy with Amazon. Ben Sumers is a Manager with McKinsey & Company, a management consulting organization. He recently presented to the World Economic Forum on the future of the last-mile ecosystem.

It's free to participate. Members only please, no guests.