International Skyline Award

This award will recognize a project or policy identified by the host Land Economics Weekend (LEW) Chapter and vetted by the International Awards Committee.*  It is a discretionary award and will be presented at each LEW only if the host chapter identifies a project, making their choice known to the International Awards Committee at least six weeks prior to the LEW.  The Skyline Award is normally made to a project or policy and is usually presented to an agency, firm or institution

The International Awards Committee will evaluate the nomination based on the following criteria:
Recognizing noteworthy and commendable instances of the practical application of the principles of land economics in the preservation, development or utilization of our land resources.

2023   Consorci Barcelona Zona Franca        
2022   SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity   2022   SoFi Stadium; Turner Construction; AECOM Hunt; and the City of Inglewood
2019   The Domain - Endeavor Real Estate Group        
2018   Harbor Point Baltimore by Beatty Development   2018   Rancho Mission Viejo
2017   Brentwood Shopping Centre Redevelopment Project
  2017   Cira Center - Jerry Sweeney, Brandywine Realty Trust
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
2016   Ryerson University: Nic de Salaberry
Toronto  - Thank you from Ryerson
  2016   Bass Pro Pyramid Redevelopment Project
Memphis, Tennessee

Washington Union Station
Washington, D.C.

  2013   John W. Campbell
West Don Lands Project
Waterfront Toronto
2010   Spaceport America
Las Cruces, New Mexico
  2009   Columbia Heights Metro Station and Vicinity
Washington, DC
2007   Millennium Park
Chicago, Illinois
  2005   Walt Disney Concert Hall
Los Angeles, California
2003   Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation
Washington, DC
  2001   Staples Center
Los Angeles, California

*  Prior to 2014, the International Skyline Award winner was selected by the LAI Awards Committee.  The award was presented at the Biennial Congress meeting.  In 2014, the Board of Governors changed the awards policy so that the Skyline Award could be presented at each Land Economics Weekend and the Host Chapter nominated and selected the award winner subject to review by the Awards Committee.