Sheila Harris, PhD, Immediate past President of LAI International, welcomed the group to the first in a series of presentations focused on housing affordability. She introduced the Moderator, Carole Galante, who presented the topic, “Housing Affordability - The Missing Middle.” 

The panel of experts from the U.S. and Canada presented success stories and the challenges that exist for those needing livable, affordable housing options.

In 2020-21 COVID intervened to cancel LAI Award Ceremonies during which Christopher Leinberger would be recognized as 2021 Educator of the Year. This well-deserved honor was presented at the Los Angeles LEW.  

Photo courtesy of George Washington Chapter

The February 17 Coastal-Water Quality: Challenges, Solutions, and Economic Impact global webinar was the second program in an eighteen-month series about water and land economics around the globe hosted by the LAI Global Water Group.

LAI At-Large Members from Florida’s Central Gulf Coast shared on global-coastal-water challenges along with the economic impact to the local and regional communities. With a well-orchestrated plan, via the Water Playbook, community organizations execute programs designed to prevent water contamination from land use and to cleanse contaminates in the water.

Economist Alan Nevin, LAI Fellow, San Diego Chapter, takes a deep dive into a changing population, competitive challenges offshore and much more.  You’ll want to read this astonishing paper.

Unsplash Photo by Jerry Wang

Ann Gray, a member of the RICS Governing Council and now, 2023 President Elect of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors was recently inducted as a new LAI member by Max Farrell, London Chapter President.

Photo courtesy of Max Ferrell

Long time friendships are one of the great benefits of LAI membership.

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Soon, PhD., FAICP

The LAI Land Economics Foundation sponsored research examining the role and potential risk of automated social media accounts in participatory planning processes related to land development, including the development of a Twitter bot to test a range of cyber influencing strategies

Photograph courtesy of Justin Hollander

“Reflections in Stone and Bronze” is reviewed by Alan Nevin, San Diego Chapter, LAI Fellow and LEF Board Member.  Cheryl explores how land economics is an essential part of Hawaiian history and culture.

Anil Hatkar, Founder President of Aum Chapter, Pune, India, hosted this webinar at the behest of the LAI Global Initiative Committee consisting of eminent members – Gary Leach (International President), Leslie Pollock (Past President ) and Richard Cook (Global Initiatives).

The LAI Land Economics Foundation has sponsored foundational research in cooperation with Property Research Trust of London on the topic: ‘Measuring housing wellbeing for disaster victims in Japan and India: A capability approach.’  

Photograph courtesy of World Vision India

The Board of Governors of Lambda Alpha International Land Economics Society (LAI) has chosen Prof. Uwe S. Brandes of Georgetown University as the 2022 recipient of its Richard T. Ely Distinguished Educator Award. 

Uwe Brandes was nominated by John Schlichting, International Assistant Treasurer and Past President, GW Chapter, and, by Patty Nicoson, GW Awards Chair.

Photos courtesy of Uwe Brandes; Georgetown University

THIS NOTICE is to solicit expressions of interest or candidate recommendations from all active members of LAI.

Click below for more information.  Please respond by Jan. 15, 2023.

Elizabeth Davison, Director of Housing and Community Affars (Retired), Montgomery County, MD, was named International Member of the Year at the Los Angeles Land Economics Weekend Awards Banquet October 15.

The Award was presented by Jim Fawcett, PhD, International Awards Committee Chair. Elizabeth was nominated by Joel Kline, GW Chapter President, and Patty Nicoson, GW Awards Chair.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Davison

On September 22, 2022, the New York Chapter hosted a special regional event featuring guest speaker Brian Fritsch of The Regional Plan Association with a lunch presentation followed by a guided tour of the MTA Pennsylvania Station, Moynihan Station, and the surrounding neighborhood renovation.

Photo courtesy of Bob Madden

Our aging populations affect every part of land economics.

In a provocative new article, Alan Nevin, Economist, LAI Fellow, San Diego Chapter member and Director, Land Economics Foundation, lays out our aging world in stark economic terms.  

Jump into Comments following the article.  Tell us how aging populations impact your practice.  

Photo by Sven Mieke for Unsplash

The LAI Skyline Award was announced during the Sacramento Land Economics Weekend in May. The Skyline Award recognizes noteworthy and commendable instances of the practical application of the principles of land economics in the preservation, development or utilization of our land resources. 

Photo courtesy of LAI LEW Committee and SMUD Museum

The International Public Official of the Year award is presented either to a public official who, through his or her efforts—technical, managerial or other significant effort—has made a notable contribution to improving the quality of urban life or to a person who has made outstanding contributions to urban affairs and who has advanced the frontiers of knowledge via research and/or practice.

Photo courtesy of Paul DesJardin

On behalf of the Awards Committee, Dr. James Fawcett, LAI Past President, Fellow and Awards Committee Chair, congratulates Roger Showley of the San Diego Chapter, on this important international recognition. 

Photo courtesy of Roger Showley


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