Land Economics Weekend Scribe Reports

Fall 2023 Barcelona, Spain

Fall 2022 Los Angeles, CA USA

Spring 2022 Sacramento, CA, USA

Fall 2019 Austin, TX, USA

Spring 2019 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Spring 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA

Speaker Presentations:

Fall 2017 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Spring 2017 Philadelphia, PA, USA

Fall 2016 Toronto, ON, Canada

Spring 2016 Memphis, TN, USA

Fall 2015 San Diego, CA, USA

Video from the San Diego LEW - click on the image
(it views better if you download it from dropbox and then view it, rather than streaming it over the internet, as it loses quality in the streaming)

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Spring 2015 Washington DC, USA


Fall 2014 Madrid, Spain

Check out the video from the Madrid LEW
Click on the image.
Username: LEWMadrid
Password:  Flamenco.2014

Spring 2014 Atlanta, Georgia

Fall 2013 San Francisco, California

Spring 2013 Boston, Massachusetts

Fall 2012 Honolulu, Hawaii

Spring 2012 Phoenix, Arizona

Spring 2011 Glasgow, Scotland

Fall 2010 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Spring 2009 Vancouver, Canada