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Member Name: John Cooke, Secretary
Chapter: Ely
City/Region: Chicago, Midwest
Event: January Luncheon, 2016 Capital Market Insight, Real Estate and Economic Forecast
Date of Event:  1/27/2016

Highlight of Event:  Annual Real Estate and Economic Forecast kickoff for 2016 with Mary Ludgin, Director of Global Investment Research for Heitman. Mary shared her capital market insights, property market conditions, and economic predictions for the New Year. Also she took a quick look back how some of her 2015 predictions turned out. Very inspiring and informative; Ely Chapter’s very own economic expert provided a look into the future of our markets. The commercial market looks solid for 2016.


(Left to Right) Speaker Mary Ludgin, Ely Chapter member, and Mary Bak, Ely Chapter President

Member Name: John Cooke, Secretary
Chapter: Ely
City/Region: Chicago, Midwest
Event: February Luncheon, Innovation and Economic Development in water resources
Date of Event: February 17, 2016

Highlight of Event:The panel discussed the impact of water, and specifically the impact of the Chicago River, on development in the City of Chicago and its regional ripple effect.  From determining the ‘right-sized’ development and appropriate development intensity along the Chicago River edge, looking at the River as an economic generator, the Chicago River is an integral part of the city.  Discussed opportunities for renewable energy and innovative industries leveraging river resources, in addition to future efforts, resource recovery and emerging markets.


Debra Shore, MWRD Commissioner
John Quail, Director of Watershed Planning for Friends of the River
Michael Holzer, Executive Director of NorthBranch Works


(Left to Right )Moderator: Lesley Roth, Ely Chapter Member with speakers Michael Holzer, John Quail, Debra Shore.

Member Name: John Cooke, Secretary        
Chapter: Ely
City/Region: Chicago, Midwest
Event: March Luncheon, Data Driving Change
Date of Event: March 16, 2016

Highlight of Event:Society has been forever changed by the ability to obtain, analyze and share data due to advancements in technology, and the world of real estate is no exception.  Experts spoke on the way the data landscape has changed, and impacted the built environment, and ways to use data to improve our work.  The robust discussion included insights on who is driving the change, what it means for the market and our communities, and tips on free and accessible resources.


John Tolva, President, PositivEnergy Practice, LLC
Kyla Williams, Director of Operations, Smart Chicago
Steven Vance, Streetsblog Chicago and Chicago Cityscape


(Left to Right) Speakers Kyla Williams and John Tolva, with Ely Chapter member Gail Borthwick and her guest Thomas Braham


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