Baltimore Chapter Awards

On November 15, 2017 LAI Baltimore Chapter hosted its Annual Meeting Dinner - celebrating our Chapter’s 25th year - with our keynote speaker Christopher Leinberger at the Engineering Society in the historic Mt. Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore. 

Kudos to Tara Clifford, as Chair of the Awards Committee, who presented Rachel Edds with a well-deserved Chapter Member of the Year Award! And a Special Chapter Award to Transform Baltimore was presented to Tom Stosur and Laurie Feinberg of the Baltimore Department of Planning in recognition of their leadership and dedication planning for Baltimore’s future.  Transform is Baltimore’s new zoning code adopted December 5, 2016. (Fellow LAI member Les Pollock’s Chicago based firm Camiros Ltd. was hired as a consultant). Prior to Transform, the Baltimore City Zoning Code was last comprehensively updated in 1971.

Melvin Freeman is now our Chapter President! Congratulations! Kudos to Steve Rudow for his dedicated work as Chair of the Nominating Committee. We welcomed new Board Member Matthew Kimball. A sincere thank you expressed to Evans Paull for his many years of hard work, as our VP for Programs, crafting our monthly programming. He will remain on the Board and we look forward to Nathan Betnun taking on the VP for Programs' role. Although we bid farewell to Ruth Louie as a Board Member – moving to North Carolina - she thankfully offered to remain involved with our LEW Committee. We also bid farewell to Joe Nathanson as a Board Member and he too will remain actively involved on our LEW Committee and at our lunches. We are grateful to both Ruth and Joe for all their enthusiasm, commitment, and hard work over the years for LAI and our Chapter!   

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