San Diego Chapter Scholarship

The San Diego chapter of LAI has created a scholarship program in affiliation with the Burnham Moores Center of Real Estate at the University of San Diego.

The first scholarship will be presented at the chapter’s next Crystal Globe Awards ceremony in February 2018.

The $2,500 scholarship fund will be supported by a $10 per member dues increase and larger donations by other members of the chapter.

The Center and the San Diego chapter will work together to determine the focus of the scholarship and the members of the Scholarship Committee will work with the Center to select the winner.

Center’s mission is to help recruit, educate and mentor real estate students with the goal of facilitating their career pursuits in a socially responsible manner and with a global perspective. The Center was founded in 1993 with a generous gift from two local real estate investors: Malin Burnham and John Moores.



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