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Alan Nevin, LAI San Diego Chapter, LAI Scribe

Price Charities recently retained a team to evaluate the fiscal viability of a 73-unit to-be-built apartment project in the City Heights section of the City of San Diego.

Over the past quarter century, Price Charities has developed more than 50 acres of City Heights land in what once was a very underutilized and crime-infested urban neighborhood. Their goal was to improve access to health and social services, quality education, jobs, legal representation and a safe neighborhood.

Now the neighborhood has a major park and rec center, a library, retail center, a police station, office buildings and several residential complexes.

The 73-unit project is sited on the last undeveloped parcel that Price Charities owns.

To analyze the economic viability of the project, Price Charities assembled a team of five development analysts. All five are members of the San Diego chapter of Lambda Alpha: Mark Daitch, Marie Burke Lia, Diego Valesco, Trish Butler and Alan Nevin.

Yet another example of how Lambda Alpha acts as a networking organization.



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