Research Priorities 2018-2020

October 5, 2017

Land Economics Foundation Grants Available

The Land Economics Foundation (LEF) of Lambda Alpha International (LAI) is seeking proposals that advance the field of land economics from qualified individuals, publications, non-profit organizations, or institutions.  LEF is a not-for-profit charitable foundation created in 1965 to administer a grant-making investment fund on behalf of the membership of Lambda Alpha, the honorary society for the promotion of land economics.

Typical grant amounts range from $5,000 to $25,000, with preference given to projects with multiple funding and staffing sources that can leverage the LEF grant (see listing of funded projects on LEF website).  Local LAI Chapters are encouraged to initiate and participate in applications.  LEF approves several grant applications each year.  These grants can be applied to planning projects, academic research, books, conferences, historical archiving, topical educational events, and related activities.

The LEF Board is currently focused on these key priority subject areas to guide its grant review although innovative projects in land economics in related areas will also be considered.

Utilization of New Analysis Tools and Approaches

LEF believes technological changes are increasing the data, research, design and analysis tools available to both academics and practitioners in the related fields of geography, land use planning, architecture, and real estate development and is interested in funding educational and research projects that:

  • Educate urban decision-makers and their staff on the value of employing the latest technologies in making the best decisions given the resources at their disposal.
  • Provide concrete examples of applying new analysis techniques and how they contribute to more sustainable decisions.
  • Review new ways of documenting, illustrating and incorporating new techniques and technologies for public input, education and consensus building in land use decisions.

Sustainable Infrastructure and Land Utilization

LEF believes that infrastructure investments and land use policies can stimulate and support

sustainable community development through educational and research efforts that:

  • Increase investments in targeted strategies or areas with practices and land use policies that facilitate the financial viability of sustainable development.
  • Utilize new strategies for public/private investment in transit, community facilities, affordable housing, parks and recreation, and educational institutions.
  • Expand the relationships between infrastructure investments and land use planning.

Revitalization of Urban, Suburban and Rural Areas

LEF believes that the study of declining or challenged areas can lead to policies and programs for revitalization; subsequently it is interested in funding activities and research that:

  • Increase understanding of the causal forces and implications of declining areas and sub-areas and policies and programs targeted at reversing decline.
  • Provide a focus on changing areas and/or subareas illustrating best practices in affordable housing, transportation, economic development, natural resources, etc.
  • Educates urban and rural policy makers on the factors at work and possible policies and programs to revitalize and grow areas challenged by demographic and economic change.

LEF accepts research and related educational proposals on a continual basis and meets each spring and fall coinciding with the Land Economics Weekends to review these proposals. Researchers, faculty, authors, and land use professionals are encouraged to consider applying for an LEF grant and to share this post with others in their schools, organizations, LAI chapters, and research networks who might be interested.

Read the proposal guidelines and apply online.

Please direct questions to:
Jon B. DeVries, AICP
Vice-President, Research Committee
Land Economics Foundation, Lambda Alpha International or 312-951-6351