Membership Committee

The Membership Committee has been established to provide broad support to membership; supporting Chapter efforts to maintain and grow the diversity of membership in larger Chapters, sustain and grow smaller Chapters, strengthen member engagement, focusing resources where most impactful through the following efforts:

  1. Collecting and maintaining a master database to characterize the LAI membership.
  2. Working with regional VPs and local chapters to explore membership practices on a broad basis, including support for diversity, equity and inclusion, and prepare common resources to assist.
  3. Developing and delivering member surveys to solicit feedback to inform programs and initiatives to enhance value to members.
  4. Creating the LAI Onboarding Program to help new members build relationships within and across Chapters, and increase the value that LAI offers its members.
  5. Advise on membership category matters:
    1. Review LAISA/student member category and how Chapters support young entrants to the industry to determine the merits of continuing the LAISA program
    2. Inform an At-Large Members strategy.
  6. Advise on organizational matters that relate to membership.


The Membership Committee is a small group, forming the backbone for initiatives that will engage other sub-committees and members.


Committee contacts:

Deana Grinnell - Chair

Vancouver Chapter, Past President

Sheila Harris

Phoenix Chapter, International Past President

Jon Schmid

San Diego Chapter, President

Susan Todani

Aloha-Hawaii Chapter, Past President

Robert McBride

Simcoe Chapter, International Past President

David McKay

Simcoe Chapter, Past President

Jewell Walton

Ely Chapter, VP Membership

Richard Wilson

Ely Chapter, International Secretary

John Schlichting

George Washington Chapter, International Assistant Treasurer