International Fellows

An International Fellow is an active member whose efforts have significantly advanced the purposes, organization, or growth of LAMBDA ALPHA. The title of International Fellow is additive to any other category of membership except Honorary.  Only the International Board of Governors shall confer fellowship and no more than two fellowships shall be conferred in each calendar year.

2022   Millard Lee
Los Angeles Chapter         2022   Lou Slade
George Washington Chapter   2019   Steven Gragg
Phoenix Chapter 2019   Sheila Harris, PhD
Phoenix Chapter   2018   Tim Youmans
Sacramento Chapter 2017   Alan Nevin
San Diego Chapter   2017   Ron Buss
Los Angeles Chapter 2016   Ian Lord, Esq.
Simcoe Chapter   2015   David Lachoff
Los Angeles Chapter 2013   James Fawcett, PhD
Los Angeles Chapter   2013   Leslie Pollock
Ely Chapter 2010   Fereydoon Ghaffari*
Los Angeles Chapter   2009   Peter Holsten
Ely Chapter 2009   Walter Winius, Jr.
Phoenix Chapter   2007   Larry E. Lund
Ely Chapter 2005   Charles H. Atherton*
George Washington Chapter   2003   Roger G. Kallman
London Chapter 2001   Harold Melzack
London Chapter   2001   Vincent G. Maher
Los Angeles Chapter 2001   Robert W. Maffin
George Washington Chapter   2001   M. Walter D'Alessio
Philadelphia Chapter 1999   Russell C. Nelson
Minnesota Chapter   1999   Albert C. Martin*
Los Angeles Chapter 1999   Dr. Alan F.J. Artibise
Vancouver Chapter   1997   V. Philip Boname
Vancouver Chapter 1997   Louis K. Lowenstein, PhD*
Golden Gate Chapter   1995   Eugene W. Stunard*
Ely Chapter 1995   Alan Perry*
San Diego Chapter   1993   Eugene J. Morris*
New York Chapter 1993   Franklin Bowes*
Ely Chapter   1991   Walter Mess*
Land Economics Foundation 1991   Donald W. Conley*
Ely Chapter   1987   Edward L. Johnson*
Ely and Los Angeles Chapters