International Public Official Award

This award is presented either to a public official who, through his or her efforts—technical, managerial or other significant effort—has made a notable contribution to improving the quality of urban life or to a person who has made outstanding contributions to urban affairs and who has advanced the frontiers of knowledge via research and/or practice

2021   Paul Des Jardin
Director of Community Planning Services
Metropolitan Washington DC
2019   Tommy Wells
DC Department of Energy & Environment
  2015   Honorable David Crombie
2013   Jesse Smith, Esq.
Office of the San Francisco City Attorney
San Francisco, California
  2009   Chris Blewett
Director of Transportation Services
Mid-Region Council of Governments
Albuquerque, New Mexico
2009   Lawrence Rael
Executive Director
Mid-Region Council of Governments
Albuquerque, New Mexico
  2009   Rhonda Faught, P.E.
Former Secretary of Transportation
New Mexico
2007   William J. Boggard
Pasadena, California
  2005   Daniel M. Tangherlini
District of Columbia Department of Transportation
Washington, DC
2003   Douglas M. Duncan
County Executive
Montgomery County, Maryland
  2001   Robert Peck
Director Government Services Agency, Public Buildings Service
George Washington Chapter
1997   Pamela M. Hamilton
Executive Director
City Center Development Corporation
San Diego Chapter
  1995   Dr. David S.C. Lam
Lt. Governor, British Columbia
1993   M. Jay Brodie
Baltimore Development Corporation
Baltimore Chapter
  1991   Joseph L. Fisher
Distinguished Visiting Professor & Assistant to the President
George Mason University
1987   Elizabeth L. Hollander
Commissioner of Planning
City of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
  1987   James A. Edmonds, Jr
California Real Estate Commissioner
Los Angeles, California