LEF Board & Committees


Director – President
Michelle Henrie
At-Large Member

Director – Vice President
Jocelyn Lum Frederick, FAIA, ACHA
At-Large Member

Director – Treasurer
Jason M. Barr
New York Chapter

Director – Secretary
Velma Zahirovic-Herbert, PhD
Memphis Chapter

Director – Past International President
Gary Leach
Boston Chapter

Steven C. Bourassa
At-Large Member

Michael A. Burayidi
At-Large Member

Laura Taylor
Simcoe Chapter

Justin B. Hollander
Boston Chapter

Director - Immediate Past President
Jon DeVries
Minnesota Chapter



Jocelyn Frederick
At-Large Member

Basic responsibilities include the solicitation, evaluation and recommendation of research applications for
consideration by LEF Board of Directors. Other aspects are highlighted below.

  • Monitor progress of approved research projects;
  • Determine distribution of funding for larger projects;
  • Ensure quality of research meets the expectations incorporated in approved process;Establish criteria for prioritizing research applications;
  • Establish guidelines for funding recipients to follow as individual projects materialize; and
  • Report on progress of committed endeavors to Directors at semi-annual LEW meetings.


Ronald Buss
Los Angeles Chapter

Entirely focused on the financial aspects of LEF programs, EFC is to ensure a number of components are inplace, particularly funding of proposed projects.

  • EFC is responsible for determining the partnership funding is consistent as represented by
  • applicant;
  • Committee is to ensure local Chapter is part of the projects as well as potentially participating in funding;
  • Identification of potential external funding sources on a sustained basis regardless of specific projects being considered; and
  • Identify and contact potential donors that are the direct beneficiaries of the project under consideration.


The mandate of this component of the Foundation is to enhance the awareness of LEF/LAI through its research projects. Specific areas of involvement are set forth below.

  • Project results to be communicated to LAI members as they may be a source of further communication referral;
  • Communication of the project results to a number of disciplines including the economic research community, donor community, as well as the urban-policy industry as the project funded is expected to have a sustained “self life”; and
  • Committee is charged with transmitting project results to LEF’s website, LAI’s electronic newsletter, the print media, presentations if required, and broadcast e-mails.


1992 – 1994 Rodney Engelen
1994 – 1997 Leslie Pollock, AICP
1997 – 1999 Virginia Solomon
1999 – 2001 Jo-Ann Neuhaus
2001 – 2004 Stan Hamilton
2004 – 2008 Ron Buss
2008 – 2013 Steven Gragg
2013 – 2019 Ron Buss
2019 – 2021 Rachel F. Edds, AICP
2021 - 2023 John DeVries