Call For Nominations

The Nominating Committee of LAMBDA ALPHA INTERNATIONAL, under the LAI By-law, is a standing committee of the Board of Governors‎ charged with recommending a candidate slate, for each two (2) year term, of the Executive Committee. 

The Nominating Committee is constituted to search for Executive Committee candidate recommendations for the 2017-19 term, commencing October, 2017. 

The Nominating Committee requires, as well, four (4) additional constituent active members from the general membership roll of LAI who are not currently Executive Committee members, to populate the Nominating Committee and commence its work. 

Ultimately, the Nominating Committee recommends to the Board of Governors the twelve (12) constituent offices of the Executive Committee and the six (6) assistant positions. 

In 2014, the LAI Board of Governors accepted a recommendation of the Governance Committee that solicitations for available membership positions on both the Nominating Committee and the Executive Committee rosters be advertised widely, as open to all active members of LAI. 

THIS NOTICE is to initiate an inclusive and transparent process and invitation for member participation.

AND FURTHER THIS NOTICE is to solicit expressions of interest from all active members of LAI as:  

A).  A‎ member of the Nominations Committee;

B).  A member of the 2017-19 Executive Committee;

C).  A recommendation and nomination of any other active member candidate(s) for any position on the LAI Executive Committee 2017-19, for review and consideration by the Nominating Committee‎. 

Please REPLY with expressions of interest or candidate recommendations to: 

for consideration and participation in the timely work of the Nominating Committee is appreciated and gratefully acknowledged.

Tim Youmans,
LAI Nominating Committee, Chair
LAI Past President



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