Mall Retrofits and the Experiential Economy

On July 13th, 2017 LAI Atlanta Chapter Board Member Bill De St. Aubin, CEO of Sizemore Group, gave a guest lecture as part of a seminar at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design on his most recent research on the experiential economy. The seminar, titled “Urban Retail: Essential Planning, Design, & Management Practices,” was comprised of senior executives and accomplished entrepreneurs in real estate or related industries in the Executive Education program.

Bill’s lecture, along with corresponding white paper, “Mall Retrofits and the Experiential Economy,” provides a sober outlook on the traditional regional mall and retail center. The paper describes the pressure traditional suburban shopping malls are experiencing in staying competitive against the current trends towards urbanization and new experience-focused urban shopping destinations.

The LAI Atlanta Blog article, Mall Retrofits and the Experiential Economy, provides additional details on Bill’s impressive presentation.


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