“Collectively We Rise: The Business Case for Economic Inclusion in Baltimore”

Baltimore Integration Partnership Update

June 2018

The Baltimore Integration Partnership is pleased to release “Collectively We Rise: The Business Case for Economic Inclusion in Baltimore.”  The report highlights dozens of ongoing initiatives to create jobs through economic inclusion. Through interviews, it documents best practices and finds that the strategies create benefits for individuals, businesses and institutions.  The report concludes by calling for broader participation by businesses and institutions supported by people-focused investments and policies.

“Collectively We Rise: The Business Case for Economic Inclusion in Baltimore”
June 2018 | Author: Scott Hebert | Data Analysis: University of Baltimore Jacob France Institute

“Economic inclusion” is about taking proactive steps to identify and remove barriers that have denied segments of Baltimore’s population, and particularly persons of color, pathways to economic opportunity and advancement. This report presents the case of why in it’s the self-interest of every Baltimore business and the region’s educational and healthcare “anchor” institutions to incorporate economic inclusion efforts as part of their standard business practices. The report uses a variety of case studies and testimonials from Baltimore business representatives actively engaged in inclusion to illustrate the concrete economic benefits of those activities for individuals, businesses and institutions, and for the Baltimore region as a whole. The publication presents evidence demonstrating not only that businesses and anchor institutions can engage in the economic inclusion work without negatively affecting their bottom lines – but also that such activities actually provide many opportunities for businesses to enhance their brands, markets and sales. The report also outlines a broad range of tested strategies that businesses and anchor institutions, working in partnership with each other, community organizations and leaders, and government entities, can use to maximize the effectiveness and impact of their economic inclusion efforts.  Learn More

The Baltimore Integration Partnership is funded by the national Living Cities Integration Initiative, the Surdna Foundation and receives generous local support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, The Goldseker Foundation, Associated Black Charities, The Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative and the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers (ABAG). ABAG acts as a backbone organization, coordinating and staffing the partnership.




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