GWCC Achieves LEED Gold Certification

GWCC achieves LEED Gold certification

Recertifying two years early, the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) was awarded LEED Gold certification, the second highest level in the rating system. In the recertification, the GWCC was thirteen points higher than the 2014 LEED Silver application and five points higher than the minimum Gold requirement. The majority of the additional points related to the energy-saving performance contract completed in 2017. The GWCC is the world’s largest LEED-certified conference center.

As GWCCA Director of Sustainability, LAI Atlanta Chapter member Tim Trefzer spearheaded the GWCC team responsible for the LEED Gold certification.

Atlanta is home to one of the densest (if not the densest) districts of LEED-certified event space in the world and is the greenest convention, sports, and entertainment destination in the world.

The IMPACT Blog article, Atlanta: the greenest convention, sports, and entertainment destination in the world, gives details on the GWCC's impressive sustainability achievements. In addition, the article lists the LEED-certified facilities in the downtown Atlanta hospitality district.

Congrats to Tim (holding the plaque) on the monumental achievement!



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