Holly Elmore Presents at 2018 WorldChefs Expo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

WorldChefs hosts the biannual four-day Worldchefs Congress & Expo as the premier showcase for culinary innovation. In mid-July, over 1,000 chef delegates and competitors from 80 countries converged on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2018.

Feed the Planet is a WorldChefs initiative designed to inspire sustainable food consumption among communities and professionals. In addition, Feed the Planet supports people in need through emergency relief, food poverty alleviation, and education. On day three of the 2018 Congress, the educational plenary program was dedicated to Feed the Planet.

During the Feed the Planet session, Elemental Impact (Ei) Founder & LAI Chapter Board Member Holly Elmore presented on The Profitability of Waste: the business case for food waste reduction.

The LAI Atlanta Blog post, WorldChefs Congress & Expo, gives an overview of the Feed the Planet session as well as The Profitability of Waste presentation; the Regeneration in ACTION (RiA) Blog article, Feed the Planet: an empowering WorldChefs Initiative, gives an overview of WorldChefs and a recap of the Feed the Planetsession. and The Profitability of Waste: the business case for food waste reduction, published with an overview of Holly’s presentation highlighting the four case studies.

A comprehensive Feed the Planet PPT presentation, as well as the solo The Profitability of Waste: the business case for food waste reduction presentation, are available for download on the Ei Speaking Engagements page.

The Holly Elmore Images FB album, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia July 2018 Visit, includes a section on the 2018 WorldChefs Congress & Expo along with sections on Holly’s guided and self-guided KL tours.




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