Call for Nominations to the Land Economics Foundation Board of Directors

The Nominating Committee of Land Economics Foundation (LEF) is a standing committee consisting of the LEF Past President, LEF President, and the LAI President.  The committee is charged with recommending a candidate slate, for each two (2) year term, of the LEF Board of Directors.   The LEF Board of Directors consists of the following:

LEF President
LEF Vice President

LEF Secretary
LEF Treasurer
LEF Director (LAI Immediate Past President)

The LEF Board of Directors meets in the Fall and the Spring each year, on the Thursday immediately prior to the Land Economics Weekend.
Additional on-line meetings are held as needed.  For more information regarding the foundation please go to

The Nominating Committee will review all candidates and make a final recommendation of the slate of EC offices to the LAI Board.  The LAI Board will make the final decision on members of the new LEF Board at the Fall 2018 Board Meeting in Orange County, CA.

Please contact me,, to nominate yourself or another member for any of the positions no later than September 30th.

All nominations are confidential.

Steven R. Gragg MAI, FRICS, SRA, AI-GRS
LAI Immediate Past President
LEF Nominating Committee Chair


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