LEF "University of Washington" Video

What is the relationship between building characteristics and costs, user well-being and marketplace performance? This LEF grant, with donations from LAI members like you, is funding a cutting edge study to understand these subtle relationships.  Combined with tele-joined discussion with an LEF member, it promises a dynamic discussion.

We encourage you to share this video to spread the news about the important work the Land Economics Foundation is funding with your donations.  This may also inspire your chapter, local university or community to initiate their own “ground breaking” efforts in land economics.
Click to view the “University of Washington”  <video>.

For details contact Jon B. DeVries, AICP, MLAI and LEF Vice President of Research. (312) 951-6351,  jondevries@rcn.com

To view slides from the “University of Washington” presentation, just <click>.


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