Rio Piedras: revitalizing beyond their wildest dreams

On May 1, 2019 LAI hosted the Rio Piedras Professional Advisory Delegation (PAD) in partnership with the Fideicomiso para el Desarrollo de Río Piedras (FDRP). The PAD was a precursor to the LAI Puerto Rico (PR) Land Economics Weekend (LEW) where the new PR Chapter was chartered and new local members were initiated during the LEW Welcome Reception.

Around 50 LAI delegates traveled early to the PR LEW to participate in the Rio Piedras PAD. According to LAI International Vice-President Cassandra Francis, “We hope this initial LAI PAD will serve to strengthen our connections with the community of Rio Piedras and allow LAI to be part of the community’s future renaissance.”

The Regeneration in Action Magazine article, Rio Piedras: revitalizing beyond their wildest dreams, published as an overview of the Rio Piedras PAD. The Ei FB album, Rio Piedras Professional Advisory Delegation, is a pictorial recap of the walking tours and the formal PAD session.





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