Sonoran Desert Chapter New Member Induction

On October 3, 2019, the Sonoran Desert Chapter hosted a new member initiation ceremony in Hermosillo, Sonora officiated by Chaz Smith, former President of the LAI’s Phoenix Chapter. 16 new members were officially welcomed into the Chapter.  Joining Chaz in the ceremony were Rodrigo Torres Cande (President), Patrick Welch (Vice President), and Ana Andrade (Director of Programs).

Some of those pictured include: Irma Gomez, Ariosto Laguna, Rene Luna, Ivan Moreno Torrescano,  Norma Figueroa, Ana Andrade, Patrick Welch,  Rodrigo Torres Cande, Chaz Smith, Gerardo Vasquez Falcon, Lorenia Fragoso, Daniel Palm, Sebastian Osuna, Miguel Lopez


Photos courtesy of Patrick Welch.

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