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Greeting LAI Members:

We are beginning a two-year process of updating our strategic plan for the 2023-2027 time period. This document provides the basis of our activities and programs.

Some of you have participated in the first draft of our document, but fear not, there is still plenty of time for your voice and ideas to be heard.  I am encouraging all members to participate in creating a working vision for LAI for the coming years.

Many of you (24 members from 15 different chapters and all regions) are already involved in this effort. There is still plenty of time and opportunity to be a part of our planning effort.

We divided our work into five teams following the outline of our current plan: 

  1. Mission, Vision, Principles and Goals 
  2. Chapter Services/New Chapter Development 
  3. Finance and Administration
  4. Communication
  5. Global Chapter/Ad Hoc Program Committee functions

During our initial review we have realized that there are two major aspects of our activities that need additional review.  Those two areas are:  Membership; and Frequency of Land Economics Weekends (LEWs).  Deana Grinnell (Vancouver) and Andrew Fogg (Los Angeles) will be leading a team to review membership related activities.  Ian Lord (Simcoe) and Susannah Bergmann (Baltimore) will be reviewing our Land Economics Weekends structure.  

Which area of focus are you passionate about?  That’s the team you want to join.  If you would like to join either of these teams, or the other five areas under review, please let us know.

Just contact Nancy Lutey of Getting It Done (our admin team) who is overseeing this effort. You can reach her at  

Our goal is to have the current plan reviewed and revised and a draft of the 2023-2027 Plan for the Fall LAI Board Meeting on October 7, 2021.

I want to thank Ian Lord (Simcoe) and Tim Youmans (Sacramento) for our current plan (2018-2022) that is very comprehensive and has been guiding us over this exciting period. 

During the last year we have been operating under most unusual circumstance due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  I hope that you and your family have been spared from COVID-19.

I am thankful that we have been able to connect virtually and provide “thought leader” content and programs during this time. 

Thank you again for all you do and support of LAI.  Should you desire to reach out to me directly, I can be reached at or 602-463-6315.  

Best to all of you and stay safe! – Dr. Sheila


Photograph of Sheila Harris courtesy of Allegra Harris Fullerton.



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