LAI Strategic Planning

You are invited to participate in the planning of LAI's future!  The 2023-28 LAI Strategic Plan is currently being reviewed and revised and we need your input.  Please consider participating on one of our Strategic Plan Teams.  Team meetings will be held on an as needed basis.   

The 2018-2022 LAI Strategic Plan can be found at and we will use this document as a basis for our planning efforts.  We will be dividing the review into work teams will be co-chaired as follows:

Mission, Vision, Goals and Membership Co-Chaired Sheila Harris and Richard Wilson.  This team will also review all the work of the teams for social equity, diversion and inclusion of the entire plan. 
Healthy Chapters, Co-Chaired by Kathy King and Rob Gamrath
Finance and Administration, Co-Chaired by Gary Leach and Craig Binning
Marketing, Co-Chaired by Phil Adams and Tim Youmans
Global Chapter/Ad-Hoc Programs, Co-Chaired by Les Pollock and Rick Cook

The following timeline is proposed to accomplish this effort:
JANUARY – Initial rollout of the Strategic Planning effort and first meeting of each Section.
FEBRUARY – MARCH – Review of current plan and determination of items in the plan should be continued, revised, omitted or additional suggestions for activities will be suggested.
APRIL – Presentation to Executive Committee and Board of Governors of suggested initial activities.  This may result in additional time on the agendas of the Executive Committee and Board of Governors meetings.
MAY – AUGUST – Determination of costs associated with strategic planning activities.  Estimates of new or revised activities will be determined.  Priorities of activities will be drafted for Board consideration.  All parts of the plan will be reviewed for social equity, diversion and inclusion. 
SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER - Prioritized activities and associated costs for implementation will be forwarded to the Executive Committee and Board of Governors for their consideration.

The next phase of the strategic planning effort which will occur post Board of Governors meeting in Fall of 2021, will be to take the priorities determined by the Board of Governors and integrate those priorities into a comprehensive plan for the organization.  Should changes require LAI bylaw changes as a result of our strategic planning process, those changes will begin in the Fall of 2021. A draft of the plan will be presented to the Board of Governors at the Spring 2022 meeting, and finalization and adoption of the plan will occur at the Fall 2022 meeting.

This is major effort to undertake at this time, but one that is very needed.  Please contact Sheila Hamilton at to indicate your interest of participation and/or if you have comments you would like to share with the us.


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