LAI Connects: New Strategic Plan Draft Needs Your Input

Dear LAI Members:

Hello again!  Last month I shared an update on our 2023-27 Strategic Plan.

Committees have been busy, and many thanks for the good work and ideas contributed by the members.

The May news is that a partial draft of the 2023-2027 Strategic Plan is in place and ready for additional input from LAI members. 

We would love to hear your thoughts. What do you like about the drafted sections? What do you not like? What needs improvement?  What are we missing?

We are looking for direct and constructive feedback that will shape the Strategic Plan.

Comment on any of the draft sections at this time:

  • Section 2 - Vision, Mission Principles and Goals
  • Section 3 - Chapter Support
  • Section 4 - New Chapter Development
  • Section 5 - Communications and Marketing
  • Section 7 - Global Initiative

We haven’t forgotten Section 6!  The Membership Team is working on that section now and additionally we will have a section on the topic of whether we should have two Land Economics Weekends (LEWs) every year.  Additionally, the Finance Team is working on budget requests and ideas from the Teams.  Drafts of those sections of the plan will be forthcoming.  Our goal is to have a draft of the entire strategic plan by our Fall 2021 meeting.

The draft Strategic Plan is attached for your review.  Please reply to with your thoughts and comments by June 7, 2021.

I want to especially thank all the members who recently raised their hands and accepted our invitation to join a Team to examine different sections of the plan.  There have been several meetings held by each Team and a diversity of opinions, thoughts and ideas were presented and discussed.  I am pleased to report that each Team was able to create a consensus document for each section.  Thank you very much for your professionalism and dedication to this effort.  All of those who participated are included at the end of this memo. 

Remember – It’s not too late to be a part of a Team!  Reply to if you are interested in participating in this process.


Sheila D. Harris, PhD
LAI International President 

Photograph of Sheila Harris courtesy of Allegra Harris Fullerton.


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