LEF Board Member and Officer Positions

Land Economics Foundation
Announcement of Board Member and Officer Positions

The Nominating Committee of The Land Economics Foundation (LEF) of LAI under the LEF By-laws, has the responsibility to recommend officers and members of The Foundation to be elected by the LEF Board of Trustees.

This notice is to solicit expressions of interest or candidate recommendations from all active members of LAI for:

  • Vice President for Research 
  • Secretary 
  • Board Member 

These officers and member would assume office upon election at the Fall 2021 meeting of the LEF Board of Trustees.

In addition, in subsequent years, the Nominating Committee expects to seek candidates for the offices of President and Treasurer, as well as another Board member.

Qualified candidates must be members in good standing of LAI, and preferably ones with leadership service.  We are seeking to establish and maintain a Board of Directors whose members are diverse, including with respect to race, gender, and ethnicity, and who represent a range of land economics professions, as well as the geographic areas where LAI members live and Chapters are located.  There may be no more than one LEF Board member from any Chapter.

Secondarily, it would be useful to have LEF Board candidates who are active in related land economics professional organizations, and with previous experience with an LEF grant either through the candidate’s LAI Chapter or individually.

Please respond with expressions of interest or candidate recommendation by May 28, 2021 to:
Rachel Edds at rfe@eddsconsulting.com.

Your consideration and timely response are appreciated and gratefully acknowledged.

Rachel Edds, AICP
LEF President
LEF Nominating Committee Chair


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