New International President Award To Dr. Karen Sieracki, London Chapter

At the October 7, 2021 Board of Governors meeting, LAI International President, Sheila D. Harris, PhD recognized Karen Sieracki, PhD, with the International President Award for her contributions to LAI including being the first woman to serve as International President. 
Dr. Sieracki served as LAI International President during 2009-2011.  She has also served as President of the London Chapter and chaired the Land Economics Weekend held in Scotland.  Currently, she is a Director at KASPAR Associates that specializes in commercial property research.
The specially created award by Phoenix artist Joan Waters features the LAI logo in a three-dimensional format reflecting the past history and the expansion of the vision of LAI as it grows and encompasses members from diverse professions, countries and cultures. 
The star-like shapes point outward and inward showing focus and unity of the combined impact of the worldwide LAI Chapters working together. 
Congratulations Karen and thank you for your on-going support of LAI.

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