Regional gathering in New York with Baltimore, Boston, Philly and George Washington Chapters

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Jeff Beal, LAI New York Chapter
Mr. Beal has 40 years' experience in multiple phases of the real estate industry, and has been a Certified General Appraiser since 1992. As such, he has consulted and testified as an expert in local, state and federal cases in a variety of matters related to real property or interests in real property where there is an issue of valuation, loss in value, damages or taxation. He is also an expert in issues involving zoning and variances. In addition, Mr. Beal is an expert on appraisal ethics and practice.


On September 22, 2022, the New York Chapter hosted a special regional event featuring guest speaker Brian Fritsch of The Regional Plan Association with a lunch presentation followed by a guided tour of the MTA Pennsylvania Station, Moynihan Station, and the surrounding neighborhood renovation. A special thank you to our out-of-town guests for joining us, and to Susannah Bergmann, LAI RVP Eastern North America, and Gary Leach, the International President of LAI.  I hope this serves as inspiration for the other chapters to run regional events.

The program started with Lunch at Pennsylvania 6 followed by a presentation of the developments of the surrounding transit station and a tour of the area concluded with drinks back at Penn 6.  The meeting was well attended with members and guests from Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. We were treated to a special tour by Brian Fritsch of The Regional Plan Association.  Mr. Fritsch joined RPA in 2019 as the Campaign Manager for the Public for Penn and Build Gateway Now Coalitions, working with a variety of external partners to gather support for two of RPA’s most critical advocacy initiatives, before being named Communications Director in early 2022. 

Click HERE for a copy of the event presentation PDF.  Click HERE for event photos.

Beal photo courtesy of Jeff Beal
Moynihan Station photo courtesy of Bob Madden

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