LAI Recognizes Christopher Leinberger as Richard T. Ely Distinguished Educator of the Year.



Christopher Leinberger
Research Professor Emeritus
Center for Real Estate and Urban Analysis
George Washington University School of Business

Recognizing a respected voice in urban development policy as a professor, researcher, author and teacher bringing together
themes in urban development from smart growth and New Urbanism to the walkable city, he epitomizes Ely’s notion of “winnowing and sifting” of new ideas in land economics.

May 2022

Christopher B. Leinberger, George Washington Chapter of LAI, is Washington University School of Business (2012-2020) and is now the Emeritus Charles Bendit Distinguished Scholar and Research Professor Emeritus.

Leinberger also established the graduate real estate program at the University of Michigan (2005-2012) and has taught at the
Harvard Graduate School of Design, and Universities of New Mexico and Michigan. 

Mr. Leinberger has produced numerous research reports
including Foot Traffic Ahead: Ranking Walkable Urbanism In America's Largest Metros (2007) and Walk This Way: The Economic Promise Of Walkable Places In Metropolitan Washington DC (2012 ) as well as WalkUp studies of numerous other jurisdictions.

For 21 years, Mr.Leinberger was Managing Director and co‐owner of RCLCo (formerly Robert Charles Lesser & Co.). 

Leinberger was the founder and for eight years (2008-2016) the President of LOUS: Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors part of Smart Growth America. 

He has been a Visiting and Nonresident Senior Fellow of the Metropolitan Policy Program of the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC (2005-2018). 

Mr. Leinberger has written two books and contributed chapters for 15 others. This includes The Option of Urbanism: Investing in a New American Dream. (Island Press, 2008). 

He has been an Op-Ed Contributor for the New York Times and has written articles for The Atlantic Monthly, Urban Land, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Washington Monthly, Washington Post, Canada’s National Post, the Nation, and Los Angeles Times, among others.

Christopher Leinberger was nominated by John Schlichting, LAI Assistant Treasurer, and Patti Nicosin of the George Washington Chapter.

Photo courtesy of George Washington Chapter


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