AUM LAI Conference on Water, September 2023

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Alan Nevin, LAI San Diego member, LAI Fellow and Director, Land Economics Foundation, is an economist and demographer who devotes his practice to providing clients with the information they need to make major decisions on real estate investments. He also provides the same depth of service to the legal industry as an expert witness.

India National Conference on Water for Food, Energy & Environment

LAI’s chapter in Pune, India co-hosted a one-day nationwide conference on “Securing Water for Food, Energy and Environment” at MIT-WPU, World Peace University in Pune. Pune is a college town (“the Oxford of the East”) and also an automobile manufacturing Hub. At 4 million people, Pune is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra (Mumbai is the first and India’s, Economic financial capital).

Two members of the AUM LAI chapter were instrumental in the formation of the event: Anil Hatkar, President of the LAI chapter, and Prakash Patil, Vice President of the chapter.

The Conference was divided into three sectors: Water & Energy, Food and Water Sustainability, including a focus on the political economy of the sugar industry.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Hatkar stated that “the subject being discussed has a global recognition as the WEF Nexus – Securing water for food, energy and environment and its relevance emerging for learning.” He noted that India is a global leader in biofuels technology and plants and compressed biogas (CBG).  

Holding the Conference at an educational institution gave AUM LAI Chapter multiple advantages, the most important of which were that LAI gained visibility into the next generation of professionals and who were made aware of the important subjects of climate change and the necessity of securing water, food and energy for an eco-friendly environment. 

LAI chapter President Hatkar stated “as India celebrates 76 years of independence, I am charged with resilient hope that technology, leadership, innovation and organizational strategy can accelerate the Nation’s growth.”

Summary of the seminar, below.

Link to the YouTube of the entire 7-hour conference

Link to Conference Photos

Anil Hatkar, President of the AUM Chapter of LAI

Dr. Anjali Sane, Associate Dean - External Relations, MIT-World Peace University



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