Richard T. Ely Distinguished Educator Award

This award is presented to the person who has achieved excellence within the academic world in the field of land economics or one of its constituent disciplines.

2022   Christopher B. Leinberger
Washington University School of Business
Washington, DC
  2020   Christopher Leinberger
Places Platform, LLC
Baltimore, MD

Margaret McFarland, JD
University of Maryland
Colvin Institute of Real Estate
Columbia, Maryland

  2016   Professor Herve Kevenides
Real Estate Institute
New York University
New York, New York
2013   Grady Gammage, Esq.
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona
  2009   Professor Dowell Myers
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California
2007   Dr. Michael A. Anikeeff
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland
  2005   Dr. Stanley Hamilton
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia
2005   Dr. Robert Fountain
Sacramento Regional Research Institute
Sacramento, California
  2003   Professor Celeste M. Hammond
The John Marshall Law School
Chicago, Illinois
2001   Dr. Frank G. Mittlelbach
University of California
Los Angeles, California
  1999   Dr. Harry G. Robinson, III
Howard University
Washington, DC
1997   Stephen S. Fuller, PhD
George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia
  1995   Dr. Michael Stegman
John D. & Cathereine T. MacArthur Foundation
Washington, DC
1993   Dr. David Scribner
Baruch College, City University of New York
New York, New York
  1991   Richard S. Weinstein
University of California
Los Angeles, California
1989   Richard Cromwell
TICOR Title Insurance
Location Unknown
  1987   Fred E. Case, Professor Emeritus
University of California
Los Angeles, California