Rachel Edds, President of Land Economics Foundation (LEF), announced guidelines for 2020 research grants to advance the field of land economics.  

“We are distributing this information broadly in the planning and real estate communities, and we are particularly interested in engaging LAI Chapters in collaborative projects. I invite members to consider how your Chapter might participate, as other Chapters have with remarkable projects.”

This is an invitation to all members of LAI to nominate candidates to be named a Fellow of Lambda Alpha International.

Home to one of the densest (if not the densest) district of LEED-certified event space in the world, Atlanta is the greenest convention, sports, and entertainment destination in the world. Atlanta's stellar sustainability commitment is one of the city's strongest economic drivers.

The International Board of LAI has the ability to recognize selected active members as “International Fellows”. Fellows are members who are recognized for significantly advancing the purposes, organization and/or growth of LAI. A maximum of two members may be elected each year.

We look further into the work of Richard Ely to bring method and substance to considering America’s burgeoning cities and suburbs. Both his vision and integrity continue to bring us inspiration and guidance across time and space.

The LAI Austin Chapter hosted the Fall 2019 LEW with grand success.

Located directly west Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the Airport City Master Plan depicts a global destination rooted in diversity, equity and inclusion easily accessible to all – from local residents to world travelers – a showcase of smart cities and eco-friendly design.

Zia Chapter did what LAI Chapters do – get involved.  Working with the city and donations to the Foundation from Members like you -  Zia helped create a Local Innovation Corridor for an overlay district on a 1+ mile corridor.

Director of the Baltimore City Dept of Planning visited with the Baltimore LAI Chapter to provide an overview of Baltimore’s new Community Development strategy.

Thanks to your generous grants, LEF funded this exciting study – a cross-border business and conference center on the US/Mexico border.  The project was undertaken by the San Diego Chapter, collaborating with University of California San Diego.

The first BS in Real Estate and Development in the UC system has kicked off the academic year with more than 100 students.

How do you engage teens today?  The Chicago Architecture Center created a graphic novel.  “No Small Plans” helps teens understand how they can be engaged stewards for their neighborhoods and city.  Your grant helped enable printing.

AUM chapter hosted a most successful conference held on June 28 2019, at Lonavala, Maharashtra, India to discuss issues and approaches to addressing the plight of India’s rivers and the increasingly severe problems regarding water conservation within that nation. 

Your Foundation puts into practice the principles of LAI. Connecting professionals … sharing knowledge… advancing best practices. This is your “Sneak Preview” of three grantee presentations at the OC LEW putting principles into action.

University of San Diego student Jack Ryan received a grant from the San Diego chapter to produce this landmark report on the benefits of leasing city-owned land to create moderate priced sale and rental housing.

This LEF grant, with donations from LAI members like you, is funding a cutting edge study combining life science research and real estate property analysis to understand the subtle relationships. 

The expansion of the rent control law in San Francisco has had consequences opposite of those intended. The effects of the expansion of rent control in San Francisco are described in the following article. Rent control as a response to the contemporary housing shortage is compared to the response to the housing shortage caused by the Great San Francisco Earthquake and massive fires in 1906.  

Brad Hunt, VP Newberry Library Chicago and LAI-Ely Chapter member, is at the forefront of preserving historic plans of Chicago.  His grant, funded by your generous donations, may well be a model for similar preservation nationwide.


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