Urban Affairs Award

This award is presented either to a public official who, through his or her efforts—technical, managerial or other significant effort—has made a notable contribution to improving the quality of urban life or to a person who has made outstanding contributions to urban affairs and who has advanced the frontiers of knowledge via research and/or practice

2013   Stanley Kwok
Amara International Investors Corporation
Vancouver, British Columbia
  2015   David E. Crombie
Former Mayor of Toronto, Chancellor Emeritus Ryerson University
2011   Hal Bastian
Downtown Center Business Improvement District
Los Angeles, California
  2009   Dr. William Gerard O'Hare
Parker Green International
Newry, Nothern Ireland
2009   Valerie Jarrett, Esq.
THe White House
Washington, DC
  2007   Maureen McAvey
Urban Land Institute
Washington, DC
2005   Kerry Harrington Morrison
Hollywood Business Improvement District
Hollywood, California
  2003   Joseph R Passonmeau
2001   Kenneth R. Sparks
Federal City Council
Washington, DC
  1999   Dr. Walter G. Hardwick
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia
1997   Daniel Patrick Moynihan
U.S. Senate
Washington, DC
  1995   Dr. H. Peter Oberlander
Vancouver, British Columbia
1993   Roy Potter
Downtown San Diego Partnership
San Diego, California
  1991   Kurt W. Meyer
Meyer & Allen Associates
Los Angeles, California
1989   Harland Bartholomew
Harland Bartholomew & Assoc.
St. Louis, Missouri
  1987   Edward A. Shay
PAE International
Arlington, Virginia