Studies show that commute time is the key factor in social mobility, more so even than factors related to crime or education.

Mel Kaneshige and Duane Kirisu describe their innovative and successful low-income-homeless residential project, Kahauiki Village.

A look at current efforts to increase affordable housing stock through ADU’s and Tiny Houses

The Nominating Committee of Land Economics Foundation (LEF) is a standing committee consisting of the LEF Past President, LEF President, and the LAI President.

The report highlights dozens of ongoing initiatives to create jobs through economic inclusion. Through interviews, it documents best practices and finds that the strategies create benefits for individuals, businesses and institutions.  The report concludes by calling for broader participation by businesses and institutions supported by people-focused investments and policies.

David S. Thaler, PE has been awarded the 2018 Professional Engineer in Private Practice Award by the National Society of Professional Engineers.

Funded by the Land Economics Foundation, the study was designed to close the data gap to better assess the investment required to build a joint use conference facility at the border.

The Aloha chapter met for its quarterly lunch at the Oahu Country Club on June 1 to hear a presentation on drone law and practice by attorneys Janel Yoshimoto and Imram Naeemullah of JMY Law Group LLLC and Steve Hochart, Hawaii Director and Senior Project Manager of Dudek, a consulting firm of planners, engineers and and scientists founded in California with offices in Hawaii.

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity (AHH) hosted the May 1 Atlanta Chapter Spring Meeting with grand success. AHH President & CEO Lisa Gordon gave an empowering presentation re: Revitalizing Atlanta Neighborhoods followed by a tour of their impressive facilities.

In late April the Baltimore Chapter welcomed over 100 LAI members and guests to their grand city for the fabulous 2018 Spring LEW. With limited time, the LEW tours and presentations focused on neighborhood revitalization, Inner Harbor industrial | commercial development, and community-based initiatives.

By Josef Nathanson, LAI Baltimore Chapter

Ian Gill, San Diego Chapter member, was recently honored by the University of San Diego.

Syrian refugees settle in Baltimore.

Mel Freeman, President of the LAI Baltimore Chapter, has announced that Harbor Point and Beatty Development Group is recipient of the 2018 LAI International Skyline Award.

History, development and current status of Maryland's busiest airport.

LAI member Michael Halicki, Park Pride Executive Director, hosted the Finding the Flint tour.

The Aloha Chapter inducted new members and heard from Josh Stanbro, Director of the Honolulu Office of Climate Change & Resiliency.


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